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emergency message

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Subject: Proposed adjustment to TC calls tomorrow - Please join at 11:00 EST

Jeff Waters gave me a call today with what I believe is a very good suggestion to help move along some common needs across our standards efforts; and to pursue them in a way that leverages time that many of us have already allotted.


Request that everyone who can, please plan to join the normal DE call time-slot tomorrow at 11:00 EST, to conduct one combined call until time for the EM-TC call.  The 1:00  EST SitRep call will be cancelled.





What we are proposing is that we take a step back and combine our forces for the short-run, to plan and pursue our common needs (common types, SimpleFeature Profile, and CIQ profile).  I think different people may have different ideas about how we are or should be pursuing these common needs, but getting us all together (standards, RIM, GIS?) may be the most effective way to determine an approach, plan, resource it and track getting it done.


Tim Grapes
Evolution Technologies, Inc.

A "Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business"(SDVOSB)
Office:    (703) 654-6075
Mobile:  (703) 304-4829

Fax:         (703) 654-6001




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