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Subject: Issue with WD2 - Type / source

The elements type/source is potentially over-loaded (table beginning on line 178) . I can show my concern by talking about Natural Gas.


The current schema type describes essentially “speed of response”

The “source” (which should be a typelist)describes what you burned to get your electricy.

Our charter explicitly calls out other energy sources, such as Natural Gas, delivered as Natural Gas.


We need some way to describe

“Electricity generated by Natural Gas and sold as ElectricReserve”

“Electricity generated by Natural Gas and sold as residential power”

“Electricity from Blended sources (commodity contract filing x1234) sold for Voltage Support”

“Electricity from DR Response from Commercial Environmental space offered for Frequency Regulation”

“Electricity from Natural Gas generated with xxx Efficiency Rating offered for Frequency Regulation” (microgrid with generator)

“Natural Gas delivered for residential use (as so many PSI)”

“Thermal Storage – ice water, delivered at 42 degrees (created Nuclear electricity)

“Electricity from Storage stored from Pure Wind offered for VoltageSupport”





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