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entity-resolution message

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Subject: Re: vote to public our spec as a committee spec [was: System URIs]

At 13:15 2001 05 27 -0700, Lauren Wood wrote:
>I agree. I think we should also have implementation experience 
>(more than one) both with and without SAX parsers. Ideally we 
>would have a committee specification that we later submit (if we 
>wish) without changes, or with only minor changes, to the balloting 
>procedure to become an OASIS standard.
>Thus I propose we start our phone calls again as of June 4. Norm, 
>can you set up the phone bridge? As per our last decision, we will 
>then hold weekly meetings until we have the issues resolved.

Sounds like a good plan, though I have to send regrets for June 4th
as I'll still be in France.


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