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Subject: [huml] Re: [humanorg] JL-edits of the paper attached.(was:Presentation

Hi James,

I appreciate your intent and thank you for it. However, I think that 
perhaps not having the actual portal to see, it may not connect for 
you. Regardless, while I may be wrong, under the current 
circumstances, I don't think I have the time to rework the paper as 
extensively as it appears you are suggesting. I certainly don't have 
the time to stop everything right now and go through your suggestion 
in detail. Because I get my mail on the Mac, I can't even look at 
your minor changes until later. However, for now, let's postpone that 
decision with an interim decision to proceed on the assumption that I 
don't have the time, especially with several sections unwritten as 
yet. However, I will look at the reshuffling suggestion when I can 
and make a more considered and reasoned decision later.

Could you Outline the rearrangement for me? I see things better that 
way or in diagrams than in descriptions.

Right now, at least, I don't have the time to go over your 
suggestion. That is largely due to the fact that I have to devote the 
remainder of the day on programming details to get the metaphorical 
plumbing working. One decision about how to adjust this project to 
one factor always seems to throw something else out of kilter, and I 
am just not capable of switching back and forth from writing to 
programming, or figuring out how the web services processes of 
servers, servlets and small application programs should work versus 
how it seems to, or not as the case may be.

I'm not rejecting the idea out of hand, just postponing a decision to 
a more appropriate moment, and asking that you understand if it 
proves impractical.

As for the paper addressing the specifics, to be honest, I see that 
as the job of the Portal itself, to illustrate the tangible product 
of the collaborations involved. The paper does need to address 
specifics, as you say, but the specifics are much less HumanMarkup 
per se than the whole. Some emphasis on HumanML and HPCDML is 
required, but too much runs a risk of alienating the partners we want 
to recruit. The paper, as a supporting document, is, however, a 
chance for us to do what I think you have done quite well, which is 
to demonstrate our grounding in existing work and our plans for 
moving forward, in step with the academic as well as business worlds.

Last note, a proof of concept like this precedes a pilot project. We 
are, in fact, doing the leg work to get funding for the pilot 
project, which would be an assessment of the costs and benefits of 
producing the actual portal.

The chances are quite, good actually, that if what is needed to 
improve the paper is restructuring and doesn't require rewriting, 
which I know I don't have the time to do, then, once the presentation 
and the portal are pretty much put to bed, and it turns out that 
there is time to do it without making me or us crazy, I'll be more 
than happy to do it.


At 1:48 PM -0600 11/26/03, James Landrum wrote:
>Rex et al., and Rex please understand that I intend this as kind and 
>constructive feedback:
>  I have gone through the paper briefly and made editorial changes 
>(minor phrase changes, minor typo error corrections, insertion of 
>definition of acronyms when first presented, etc., and minor 
>clarifications, including addition of a couple URLs and references) 
>   As presented the paper content does not address the specifics 
>implied in the sub TITLE, i.e., it does not describe in detail the 
>scopes and goals and initial results of the pilot project:
>Proof of Concept for Public Healthcare Preparedness Portal
>for the New York Academy of Medicine
>Featuring the Common Alerting Protocol
>   Also, I believe it is advisable to rearrange the sections and 
>first introduce OASIS, the  HumanML TC asnd HPCDML SC,  and very 
>briefly indicate the range of collaborating research participates 
>and units, and then describe missions for both HumanMarkup Language 
>and Human Physical Characteristics Description Markup Language, then 
>explain how these are used and fit in with WSRP and CAP, then 
>describe the specific pilot project, and summarize and  then if 
>there is room in the paper, discuss the other related research 
>collaborations, e.g., the ATL stuff. I have no object if due to 
>limitations of space allocation that the related research sections 
>be withheld and used in other presentations at later date as 
>Rex Brooks wrote:
>>Hi Everyone,
>>Here is the first, as-yet-somewhat-incomplete, draft of the 
>>presentation paper and powerpoint slideshow.
>>For a variety of reasons I would prefer that everyone, except James 
>>and Russell confine your proofreading, comments and suggestions to 
>>email messages, citing the subheads for sections or the slide 
>>numbers under which these corrections, comments and suggestions 
>>occur. If you are contributing visuals, you can either use the 
>>format I have used for the slides, if you want to produce slides 
>>(which I would discourage, with the exception of James and Rob), or 
>>else please confine your efforts to creating images or animations 
>>which I can resize or edit to fit. I will be citing everyone who 
>>works on this as contributors and each of you as authors for the 
>>specific sections in which you write, produce images, slides or 
>>animations for us, so please indicate how you wish to be listed and 
>>how you wish your references cited. I will be compiling and editing 
>>the Bibliographic Appendices last. In the meantime I will include 
>>reference citations inline where they appear in your individual 
>>For those of you who are still working on your individual subject 
>>area contributions, please send me what you have by end of day, 
>>Saturday, Nov. 29, 2003. I plan to compile the first full draft and 
>>provide it for proofing Sunday night, November 30, 2003 or Monday 
>>morning, Dec. 1, 2003.
>>Please Note: the animations are only placeholders, and many samples 
>>are not yet included because I simply don't have them yet and 
>>beyond the animations, I did not want to include a lot of 
>>placeholders. Rob is working on a new animation, James and Sylvia 
>>are working on specific slides and Sylvia is working on her 
>>sections for Cultural Descriptions and Cognition overview. I have 
>>not asked Chandra for a write up of his Mediation SC which is under 
>>construction, and there are personal intervening circumstances that 
>>have understandably delayed his efforts.
>>If you want to preview how the Portal functionality has been 
>>designed (but not a final version of how it will appear or work 
>>when displayed during demonstration go to:
>>for the first screen and the functionality of the individual Map 
>>and Medical portlets
>>for the CAP Incident screen
>>In the actual Portal both of the portlets will be interactive while 
>>remaining within the overall Portal Page.
>>I have not yet decided to what depth I will go in describing Web 
>>Services for Remote Portlets, since there is a completely separate 
>>presentation being polished by the chair of that TC for 
>>presentation Dec. 10 at XML2003.
>>We will also be attending Owen Ambur's Town Hall Meeting at XML2003 
>>the evening of Dec. 9 after our presentation at the workshop.
>>All in all, I think this is sufficient for now. You should have 
>>enough to absorb and we have a schedule to keep, so on to making 
>>the servlet that is sitting on my plate.
>>Rex Brooks
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Rex Brooks
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA, 94702 USA, Earth
W3Address: http://www.starbourne.com
Email: rexb@starbourne.com
Tel: 510-849-2309
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