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Subject: Healthcare DTF Project charter

From: Harrington, David [SMTP:dharrington@medicalert.org]  
To: 'Nicole Glazen Rikkinen'; 'healthcare@omg.org' 
Subject: RE: Burlingame Technical Meeting, Healthcare DTF Meeting Notes 
Sent: 2/4/05 11:14 AM 
Importance: Normal 

Also, here is the Project charter we wrote and passed yesterday.

David Harrington
VP of Information Technology
Chief Technical Officer
MedicAlert Foundation
+1 209.669.2490
+1 209.277.0921

-----Original Message-----
From: Nicole Glazen Rikkinen [mailto:nicole@omg.org]
Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2005 17:52
To: healthcare@omg.org
Subject: Burlingame Technical Meeting, Healthcare DTF Meeting Notes

Excellent meeting of the minds this week in Burlingame, CA!  From discussion
defining the  relationship between OMG and HL7 and documenting our Charter
to strategic project planning, we thank our participants for this productive
and important meeting.

For your review, meeting notes are attached.  For questions and comments, I
encourage you to use this electronic forum for discussion.  Otherwise, you
may contact OMG's Healthcare DTF Chair, Mr. David Harrington, at


Nicole Rikkinen
VP, Business Development
Object Management Group
250 First Avenue, Suite 100
Needham, MA 02494

Joint Healthcare Specification Project Charter1.doc


Joint SDO Healthcare Services Specification Project Charter


Recognizing the need for specifications for services to support healthcare IT as part of national infrastructures (such as US NHII and Australia’s HealthConnect), Health Level Seven and the Object Management Group have forged this agreement to collaborate to the advantage of the health domain sector.  This charter outlines high-level distribution of responsibilities and separation of concerns specifically related to this services effort.  Note that this joint effort between HL7 and OMG is not exclusive.  Either organization may engage in independent efforts or similar joint efforts with others.

This project is a collaborative effort between HL7 and OMG to identify and document service specifications, functionality, and conformance supportive and relevant to healthcare IT stakeholders and resulting in real-world implementations. 


As part of this collaborative effort:

HL7 and OMG shall jointly identify the service candidates for specification and prioritize and select candidate services for specification and implementation, and jointly allocate functions to services.  OMG members shall provide expertise in distributed architecture and implementation to HL7 activities to positively impact the selection of services and allocation of functions.  HL7 members shall engage in the OMG RFP process to ensure consistency with the functional requirements.

          HL7 shall elaborate the business functional needs, allocate functions to services, and develop conformance criteria for the services specified.  HL7 shall also have responsibility for providing the information modeling and content in support of these services.  All of the computationally independent work shall occur within HL7, as well as the functional conformance criteria assuring that service implementations meet their specified capability. 

          OMG shall refine the HL7 developed computationally-independent specifications [functional, semantics, information model, terminology, etc.] resulting in computationally-dependent standards and user, vendor, and reference implementations.  OMG shall provide technical expertise such as Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Model-driven Architecture (MDA), as well as leveraging multi-industry solutions.  OMG shall leverage the strength of its adoption process to promote rapid standards development and marketplace product support given that submitters are required to produce implementations of the standards they specify. 


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