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legalcitem message

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Subject: Out on Wednesday; Minutes & Secretary fill-in

Hello all,


Regrettably, I have been called away from the office for Wednesday, April 16. There is only a slim chance that I will join our call. Therefore, please prepare to have someone else take minutes. You will notice from April 2’s minutes that we forgot to approve March 5 minutes. Thus, I am attaching both sets of minutes to this email for Wednesday’s call. I’m also attaching an updated voter list. Changes in voting status are highlighted in rose. If you believe your attendance was improperly recorded for either March 5 or April 2, please let me know.



Melanie Knapp

Attachment: legalcitem-minutes-2014-04-02-draft.docx
Description: legalcitem-minutes-2014-04-02-draft.docx

Attachment: legalcitem-minutes-2014-03-05-draft-4.docx
Description: legalcitem-minutes-2014-03-05-draft-4.docx

Attachment: LegalCiteM-attendance-tracker-voting rights.xls
Description: LegalCiteM-attendance-tracker-voting rights.xls

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