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Subject: 2021 OASIS Board election results

OASIS Open is pleased to announce the results of the annual electionÂto the Board of Directors.

Nima Dokoohaki of Accenture,ÂRoss Gardler of Microsoft and Anish Karmarkar of Oracle have won election to the Board, Jason Keirstead of IBM andÂDaniel Riedel of Copado have won reelection to their seats on theÂBoard.

These board members will begin their term of service 27 July at the virtual board meeting and will serve through July 2023.

Many thanks to the three outgoing and outstanding board members for their years of service to the consortium. Martin Chapman of Oracle, having served since 2013 often as Vice Chair, and Beth PumoÂof Kaiser PermanenteÂand Bruce Rich of Cryptsoft having both served since 2017 have all brought important and unique perspectives to the board. Their energy, commitment and contributions to the ongoing evolutionÂof OASIS are notable and with long term impact.

Lastly - many thanks to the many OASIS members who participatedÂin the process to validate this electionÂprocess. The resultÂof this member-driven process ensures OASIS will continue to grow and serve the standards and open-source development needs of todayÂand the future.Â




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