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Subject: Comments on AIR

Two initial brief comments:
1) The term "URL" is used throughout the document. Is this intended to mean HTTP URI or URI in general? I don't think the term "URL" should be used at all - either "HTTP URI" or "URI" should be used.
2) I find section 6 confusing - is it just defining a URN namespace? I was surprised to see this section here. Perhaps more of a roadmap for the document or a refactoring of sections 5,6, and 7 would help. It seems like sections 6 and 7 should be children of section 5 - that is, they seem to be peers of section 5.4 (filenames). We have, in essence 3 ways to identify/name documents: filenames, HTTP URIs, and URNs. Each form of identifier is based on required metadata. Expressing this in section 5 would be helpful.

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