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Subject: AIR WD15 comments

There are 2 things that would really help me understand this document
1. If the AIR specification document was treated as an artifact that was
itself consistent with the proposed artifact identification requirements,
for example as enumerated in section 5.5.4. [452, 453]: "Artifacts whose
form is Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, or OpenOffice MUST contain the Required
Metadata values on their cover page as defined in the OASIS-supplied
templates." This would then provide a concrete example of required
metadata. As it is, the examples in Appendix C do not relate back to the
normative descriptions in section 4. For example, Appendix C describes the
metadata identifier "Owner" whereas section 4 describes a metadata element
"tcShortName" [line 332].
2. How and where must this required metadata appear on the cover page of a
spec? A candidate updated spec template would be useful.

Additional comments:
i) An ArtefactType of "wsdl" would be useful
ii) Sections 5.5.2 and 5.5.3: XHTML and SGML/XML filetypes are the only
filetypes for which there is no mandatory requirement stated for the
filename itself to include a "form", although per section 5.3 (line 401) a
"form" must be included in the artifact identifier in the metadata within
the artifact. Is this by design or is there an assumption that filenames
for these types should include an appropriate "form" as do other filetypes?
iii) line 519: "Each namespace defined as a URL MUST resolve to a RDDL
document." Why have such a normative constraint? MAY would be OK, but it
should also be acceptable for a namespace URI to resolve directly to an XML
schema document, for example. I assume there is some fairly standard form
of a RDDL document envisioned - an example RDDL would be helpful.

Ian Robinson

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