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Subject: Comments on AIR

First a general comment - I am concerned about the approach taken to
pack the file name with a great amount of detail, which makes for long
file names and URI/URLs.  I understand the desire to make it easy to
identify an artifact and information about it from the file name, but
there is a point at which packing too much information into the file
name makes it difficult to construct and to use.  If something is
complex to use chances are it will not be used, or will be used
incorrectly, further complicating the process of identifying and
locating artifacts.

Metadata is used to provide information about an artifact.  Metadata can
be attached to the artifact itself (MS Properties, XHTML, etc.) and/or
it can be used and accessed from a registry database.  This provides the
capability to provide all kinds of information related to an artifact
(dates, versions, revisions, topics, groups, title, etc. etc.) and
provides a capability as well for discovering and locating an artifact
from a variety of discovery points (titles, dates, authors, subjects,
descriptions, etc.).  Makes sense to use metadata for describing and
identifying all the information about an artifact, and keep the file
names themselves simple and easy to use and understand, without complex
structure or cryptic abbreviations in the naming conventions.    

Kathryn Breininger
CENTRAL Project Manager
Emerging Technologies
Boeing Library Services

425-965-0182 phone
425-237-3491 fax

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> http://socal.web.boeing.com/ssglibsurvey/

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