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Subject: Comments on AIR 1.0, WD15

First some general comments. I found the document overly complex and
somewhat difficult to read. It appears to have far-reaching consequences for
all future OASIS TC work. As such, I believe it needs at a minimum, more
concrete examples. I think a set of concrete examples based on a fictitious
OASIS TC and standard would be very useful, and aid in understanding how
these requirements would apply to a specific OASIS TC and standard.

Here are some specific comments:

lines 9 and 10. The scheme component is missing from the URLs. Is it http or
something else?

line 512. RFC 3122 is titled "Extensions to IPv6 Neighbor Discovery for
Inverse Discovery Specification." This must be a typographical error.

On behalf of the OASIS CGM Open WebCGM TC,

Rob Orosz
Senior Software Engineer
Auto-trol Technology
12500 North Washington Street
Denver, CO. 80241-2400
(303) 252-2262

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