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Subject: Groups - XML Symposium as AHR Expo added

A good place to introduce others the the HVAC face of oBIX

 -- Toby Considine

XML Symposium as AHR Expo has been added by Toby Considine

Date:  Wednesday, 09 February 2005
Time:  All Day

Event Description:
The XML Symposium delivers a cohesive vision of XML and its impact on the HVAC industry.


The XML Symposium is a day-long, high-level introduction to the most important enabling technology for the future of integrated and intelligent buildings with a specific focus on the HVAC industry. 

The subject matter, XML and Web Services, is widely used by the IT community and many other industry groups who desire to leverage the Internet as a connectivity and automation vehicle. These technologies bring to fruition the convergence of building systems and the IT infrastructure, and they are drastically changing the buildings industry as they enable cooperation between disparate approaches to open systems.



View event details:

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