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Subject: OCPP Not Authorized Reason

Hi All,

There was a request for more information in the IdTagInfo class to be able to give more feedback to the EV Driver about the reason why the authorization has failed.

Use Case: An EV Driver swipes his card, the Charge Point asks the Central System if the card is allowed to charge. Computer says NO....
If a Charge Point has a display you want to show a reason to the EV driver why he/she is not allowed to Charge.

In OCPP 1.6 there are already a couple of different statuses, but these are limited. See:
- 7.27. IdTagInfo on page 98
- 7.2. AuthorizationStatus on page 85

Currently we have the following statuses:

Accepted            Identifier is allowed for charging.
Blocked              Identifier has been blocked. Not allowed for charging.
Expired               Identifier has expired. Not allowed for charging.
Invalid                 Identifier is unknown. Not allowed for charging.
ConcurrentTx     Identifier is already involved in another transaction and multiple transactions are not allowed. (Only relevant for a StartTransaction.req.)

I see 2 possible solutions: 
I tend to lean to option 1... All this UTF-8 and display size stuff makes a more complex solution.... But on the other hand, we might need to go into that for messages anyway....

Do you guys see a good reason why we should or should not go for one of these options?

Kind regards,
Robert de Leeuw

Hoge Ham 85
5104 JC Dongen

John F. Kennedylaan 3
5555 XC Valkenswaard

T: +31 6 2857 2123
E: robert.de.leeuw@ihomer.nl

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