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Subject: Re: [ocpp] Groups - Ballot opened: "Possible replacement TC (see ballot description)"


* Lonneke Driessen <Lonneke.Driessen@openchargealliance.org> [161216 23:53]:

> OASIS today is asking all TC participants if they would be willing to
> support a replacement RAND TC should our current TC close. We regret to
> inform you that we have not been consulted regarding this ballot question
> and we do not support this action.

Thanks for the info!

I'm sure we were quite a few that was surprised by the question asked in
the ballot; just as indicated by Jan Wieling's email.

> We as TC Chairs speak on behalf of this TC’s co-proposers that we are not
> prepared to compromise our principles under threat of any patent holder.
> OCPPv2.0 will be published as an open, IP- and royalty free standard. If
> this turns out not to be possible within the OASIS organization, we deeply
> regret this but will look forward to development and collaboration as an
> independent OCA and TC.

This is good news and good to know; at least that gives us an idea of
what will happen in case OASIS goes in that direction.


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