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odf-adoption message

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Subject: Re: [odf-adoption] RE: need confirmation on ODF Camp


On 2007-05-30, at 16:16 , Dee Schur wrote:

> Hi Louis and Dieter,
> I think these are both great ideas but slightly different, which is  
> good.


> Louis,
> I think your camp concept is terrific

(not mine; Don came up with the idea, but it is good)

> and can easily be coordinated through
> the Adoption TC with you as a lead.

I'd rather have Dieter lead the camp; Dieter and Rob, say, as the  
camp must be technical and I'm not technically competent enough to  
pose as lead, let alone lead.

> Since there will be no presentations, it
> seems to me that as long as you secure the space, you will be set.  
> OASIS can
> promote the 'ODF Camp' in the same manner we always do (posting to  
> event
> page, OASIS News, etc.) So, as soon as you have a written description
> inviting participants, we can move forward with various postings.

Great, let's start inviting :-)

Dieter, Rob (if you are here...):

Let's coordinate on inviting candidates.  We can coordinate off this  
list but why? I'd like to invite essentially all those implementing  
ODF or wanting to.  I don't have contacts in all these companies.

But I think we have to finalize the invitations by, say, end of next  

> Dieter,
> I think your concept will take longer to execute properly, so we  
> might think
> about late in 2007 or 2008. During the last Adoption call we tossed  
> around
> the idea of a stand alone ODF event (one or two days), that can either
> co-locate with another conference or act as a stand alone that could
> possibly be hosted at a member facility in various locations. Once  
> you put
> this type of effort together it is easy to duplicate in different  
> locations.
> I would like each member to consider hosting such an event and/or  
> suggest an
> event/conference that would an appropriate venue for 'ODF Day(s).'  
> I think
> an Asian venue would be interesting, any thoughts? I would like to  
> see how
> much interest we have for this before we commit a lot of cycles. I  
> think it
> is a great idea, and ODF is gaining tremendous speed but I will  
> need the
> support of the Adoption TC.

Dee, I think I resolved Dieter's points, and I think Dieter was  
thinking of presentations in the context of OOoCon. Last year and  
year before and year before that we had tracks on ODF; this year will  
likely be no different. So, we can have ODF presentations throughout  
the conference, without OASIS' specific intervention, though your  
support would always be helpful.

> Thanks so much!
> Dee
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dieter.Loeschky@Sun.COM [mailto:Dieter.Loeschky@Sun.COM]
> Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2007 8:21 AM
> To: Louis Suarez-Potts
> Cc: Dee Schur; odf-adoption@lists.oasis-open.org; John McCreesh;  
> Jane Harnad
> Subject: Re: [odf-adoption] RE: need confirmation on ODF Camp
> Hi,
> I would love to see technical presentations (e.g. reports from the
> Metadata SC, Formula SC, ...) as well as status presentations (e.g.  
> roadmap, ODF adoption, ...).
> Furthermore we should have workshops on ODF interoperability in ODF
> enabled applications (OOo, KOffice, ...) and ODF processing (server  
> and
> client side).
> Taking the ODF Toolkit project into account, I hope that we can  
> attract
> additional audience outside the classic OOo public.
> Regards,
> Dieter
> -- 
> Sun Microsystems GmbH           Dieter Loeschky
> Nagelsweg 55                    Senior Manager Software Engineering
> 20097 Hamburg                   StarOffice / OpenOffice.org  
> Development
> Germany                         Phone: +49(0)40 236 46 500
> http://www.sun.com              Dieter.Loeschky@sun.com
> Sitz der Gesellschaft:
> Sun Microsystems GmbH, Sonnenallee 1, D-85551 Kirchheim-Heimstetten
> Amtsgericht Muenchen: HRB 161028
> Geschaeftsfuehrer: Marcel Schneider, Wolfgang Engels, Dr. Roland  
> Boemer
> Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrates: Martin Haering
> Louis Suarez-Potts schrieb:
>> Hi
>> On 2007-05-29, at 21:12 , Dee Schur wrote:
>>> Hi Louis,
>>> We did discuss your email on the ODF Adoption call this morning  
>>> and I was
>>> hoping that you would have joined the call.
>>> It was mentioned that it may be difficult to keep attendees with  
>>> split
>>> session (19 and 21 of September) on ODF. I'm not certain that  
>>> this is a
>>> problem.
>> Depends.
>>> In terms of the ODF camp, how many competing tracks will occur
>>> simultaneously? Is this a speaker/presentation format? If so, how  
>>> many
>>> speakers? Or is it an interactive learning event with tutorials and
>>> clinics?
>>> Is this a plug-fest? Who will select the presenters, are you on the
>>> programme committee?
>> Camp: it's a workshop. No presentations except impromptu ones.  
>> Rather,
>> work on code.
>>> If we do a showcase/demo, I would like to approach the participating
>>> vendors
>>> about sponsorship after I understand the openoffice.org conference
>>> funding
>>> model.
>> Model: We ask for donations. See
>> http://marketing.openoffice.org/ooocon2007/sponsorship.html
>>> But OOoCon may not be in favor of vendors demoing their products?
>> Indeed, we are not. We are in favour of vendors speaking about
>> experience about their experience with their products, esp. if they
>> concern OOo--are derived from it or in some way relate to it. Example
>> could be, KOffice speaking about heterogeneous environment,  
>> KOffice/OOo,
>> say.
>>> A
>>> traditional OASIS InterOp would require a scenario that solves a  
>>> business
>>> problem and solution, they are non-promotional in nature but members
>>> report
>>> that the InterOps drive business to their company. Of course,  
>>> open-source
>>> participation would also be encouraged. I also wanted to pursue the
>>> InterOp
>>> because we are trying to increase membership in the Adoption TC  
>>> and the
>>> possibility of participating in this event would encourage these
>>> potential
>>> new members to join the Adoption TC.
>> OOo and ODF are not quite like regular OASIS formats, I think.
>> The point of the camp is actually to improve interoperability  
>> among the
>> ODF implementations. But the presentations, given at OOoCon, must  
>> really
>> relate to OOo, as well as ODF.
>>> Do we have any idea of number and type of attendees? It is my
>>> understanding
>>> that this event is heavily attended by public sector folks or is it
>>> mostly
>>> developers?
>> Both. In years past, numbers have trended up from 300-350.  I  
>> think this
>> year it will be more popular.
>>> I have many more questions, maybe we should plan another call  
>>> since it
>>> sounds like you are under the gun.
>> Quite. :-)
>> But I'm in Moscow for the next couple of days, then back to London. I
>> can manage one via Skype or equiv., but I want to hear from  
>> Dieter, too.
>>> Thanks!
>>> Dee
>> best
>> louis
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Louis Suarez-Potts [mailto:luispo@mac.com]
>>> Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2007 2:28 PM
>>> To: odf-adoption@lists.oasis-open.org
>>> Cc: John McCreesh; Dee Schur; Dieter Loeschky
>>> Subject: need confirmation on ODF Camp
>>> Hi
>>> A couple of days ago I sent a note to this list, cc'ing Dee Schur  
>>> and
>>> several others. [0].
>>> No response so far. That's unfortunate. We need to decide on the
>>> logistics of the event, and soon.
>>> Here is the idea:
>>> Wednesday have a 1/2 or even full day "camp" that would work on
>>> "normalizing" interoperability among ODF implementations.
>>> Options:
>>> ** It could run in parallel to the regular scheduled talks, as a  
>>> stream.
>>> Or,
>>> ** it would be one of the streams
>>> The latter option would necessary crowd out other papers.
>>> Opinions?
>>>   My own preference would be to have a parallel track.
>>> Please respond as soon as you can.
>>> best
>>> Louis

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