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Subject: Re: [odf-adoption] need confirmation on ODF Camp

On Tuesday 05 June 2007 22:31:39 Erwin Tenhumberg wrote:
> > Comments please?
> My understanding is that the ODF camp/workshop will be an event mainly
> for the people implementing ODF or working on the ODF spec, i.e. a
> semi-open event for people who actively want to discuss and work on
> ODF related issues like interoperability and programmability.
> The camp/workshop would (almost) not consist of slide presentations,
> but on lively discussions and brainstorming. As a consequence, the
> camp would be very independent of the conference except that it
> leverages the fact that many key ODF people are present in
> Barcelona anyway. People from other ODF implementations like
> KOffice and Google Docs & Spreadsheets would be invited to the
> camp/workshop as well.

Well, asking the other ODF implementers to come to the OOo camp kind of 
sounds a bit cocky. I know you probably don't mean it to be like that, 
but we have to be honest. The majority of the people equal ODF and OOo 
and people coming at the OOo con just reinforces that idea.
That's bad for all involved.

Also, I always think that hand waving of the topics is not really giving 
us much. I mean; 
 " people who actively want to discuss and work on ODF related 
 issues like interoperability and programmability"
is not something I see people scheduling a long flight for. Do you think 
that there are people at Sun thinking that this really is the great 
option to get that lists issue know to the KOffice people?  ;)
At best we'll see lots of people agree that, yes, it would be nice to have 
a common API for people to program against. If only someone would 
actually stand up and do it.

No, your topic list sound a bit too nice and not very to-the-point. Which 
makes it charming for PR purposes but not that useful in real life. I'd 
much rather see people work on the ODF-test suite and add their 
known-issues of interoperability issues (with others) to it.
Thomas Zander

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