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Subject: Re: [odf-adoption] need confirmation on ODF Camp

Thomas Zander wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 June 2007 22:31:39 Erwin Tenhumberg wrote:
>>> Comments please?
>> My understanding is that the ODF camp/workshop will be an event mainly
>> for the people implementing ODF or working on the ODF spec, i.e. a
>> semi-open event for people who actively want to discuss and work on
>> ODF related issues like interoperability and programmability.
>> The camp/workshop would (almost) not consist of slide presentations,
>> but on lively discussions and brainstorming. As a consequence, the
>> camp would be very independent of the conference except that it
>> leverages the fact that many key ODF people are present in
>> Barcelona anyway. People from other ODF implementations like
>> KOffice and Google Docs & Spreadsheets would be invited to the
>> camp/workshop as well.
> Well, asking the other ODF implementers to come to the OOo camp kind of 
> sounds a bit cocky. I know you probably don't mean it to be like that, 
> but we have to be honest. The majority of the people equal ODF and OOo 
> and people coming at the OOo con just reinforces that idea.
> That's bad for all involved.

I understand the concerns, but the having ODF workshops / face-to-face
TC meetings in parallel to OpenOffice.org/KOffice/OASIS/... events makes
sense to me, because some key ODF people will already at those events
anyway. However, I'm not suggesting to do a lot of PR around such a
workshop. To me it's also more important to have people work on the
technical problems. Face-to-face interactions are often very helpful.


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