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odf-adoption message

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Subject: Re: [odf-adoption] standardizing odf icons?

On 2007-08-06, at 11:12 , Erwin Tenhumberg wrote:

> Carol Geyer wrote:
>> We have OASIS OpenDocument logo gear available from
>> http://www.cafepress.com/oasis_open/622258. (Rob, don't tell me  
>> you don't have
>> an OpenDocument teddy bear!)
>> I like the concept Erwin presented very much, but when viewing the  
>> icon as a
>> browser tab, <ODF> is too small to read (at least on my laptop).
> Interesting observation and useful feedback. I will look into that,  
> but I guess
> the very small browser tab icon is a different use case, because  
> there the
> application branding would not be needed.

Some simple qs.:

* who would own the trademark/copyright of the icons? Who defend it?
* should converters (OOXML -> ODF) use them?

So, I like the idea of a default set that could include the identity  
of the application (I think of the Commonwealth flags w/ the Union  
Jack as an example, too), but then the logistics of doing this come  
to mind.
> Best regards,
> Erwin


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