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Subject: Re: Fw: ODF AccSC Minutes - 8/3/06

On 04/08/06, Richard Schwerdtfeger <schwer@us.ibm.com> wrote:

>  Note: I had sent out an agenda for this meeting and the OASIS mail server problems we experienced caused the agenda to get dropped.
>  I apologize if people were looking for an agenda to decide whether we were having the meeting.

My apologies Rich.

>  rs: who has started their sections?
>  all: no response

grins. I have. I mailed a question to the list which didn't get through.
I'm using basic level 1 to 3 headings and default text as a style.

>  rs: sent out a template, modeled after odf1.1
>  rs: how to handle alt text?
>  hiro: need html conversion as an example - good example of export of ODF to another doc format - HTML has strict acc guidelines
>  rs: very good idea

I can try that, based on my daisy transform?
Are we sure there isn't already an html export?

>  rs: page breaks - move to structure section

Noted. Question. Are we documenting accessibility after our work
has been implemented, or ODF as implemented today?

>  hiro: table structure - move to central place
>  hiro: every section can refer to structure section

Will each section have a toc, or one toc for the entire appedix,
based on what levels? 1 to 3?

>  rs: drawing object is not structural element
>  hiro: having trouble defining structure and MD in glossary

Hiro, I've tried, using headings as the basis for structure.

>  steve: ask Dave Pawson for help with sync'd media (using experience with DAISY)
>  steve: Assistive?
>  rs: use Wikipdeia?
>  all: agree
For a definition? Or just for the dictionary (spelling?).

>  rs: glossary - define sync'd media, DAISY
smil rec should define that. I'll check.

>  rs: abtract: This document is a guide for Office Applications, that support version 1.1 of the OpenDocument format, to promote and preserve accessible ODF documents. This guide is not a comprehensive guide for content mapping to platform accessibility APIs.

Good point Rich. I have been writing with an Open Office author as the audience?
Who is the audience? An implementor?

Sounds like it was a good meeting!


Dave Pawson

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