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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Support for overlined text in ODF


I have just three comments:

Martin Whitaker wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on an enhancement to OpenOffice.org (OOo) that adds 
> support for
> overlined text. As part of this work, I need a way to save the overlined
> attribute in an ODF file. At present ODF does not support overlining as
> a text style (although it does support overlining as a font attribute).
> I would therefore like to propose that this capability be added to ODF.
> I suggest this would be best done by adding the following attributes:
>   style:text-overline-type
>   style:text-overline-style
>   style:text-overline-width
>   style:text-overline-color
>   style:text-overline-mode

1.) I am wondering, is there the possibility to define sub-classes?

I do NOT know much about xml, but could this be done something like:
and so on, instead of those many attributes, i.e. have a class of type 
style::text-overline with many subattributes. This way one could easy 
extend class text-overline at a later date, without much headache about 
compatibilities and the like.

2.) Should there be an attribute, where the overline should be 
positioned on the vertical axis?

Consider the following text: "AbcdEFg" and "aaaaa"
Should the overline be placed above the tallest letter in the first 
example? And in the second one? What IF different letters have different 
font-sizes (and different font-metrics, making various letters appear 
differently tall)?

3.) (this deals more with individual characters): How much of the width 
of a character should the overline span?

The whole width? Settable to less than that? What about fonts that have 
a fixed width, and therefore various letters may have some space around 
the graphical character?

Well, this seems an interesting feature and I do support its implementation.



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