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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Support for overlined text in ODF

Hi Leonard,

Leonard Mada wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just three comments:
> Martin Whitaker wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am working on an enhancement to OpenOffice.org (OOo) that adds 
>> support for
>> overlined text. As part of this work, I need a way to save the overlined
>> attribute in an ODF file. At present ODF does not support overlining as
>> a text style (although it does support overlining as a font attribute).
>> I would therefore like to propose that this capability be added to ODF.
>> I suggest this would be best done by adding the following attributes:
>>   style:text-overline-type
>>   style:text-overline-style
>>   style:text-overline-width
>>   style:text-overline-color
>>   style:text-overline-mode
> 1.) I am wondering, is there the possibility to define sub-classes?
> I do NOT know much about xml, but could this be done something like:
> style::text-overline::type,
> and so on, instead of those many attributes, i.e. have a class of type 
> style::text-overline with many subattributes. This way one could easy 
> extend class text-overline at a later date, without much headache about 
> compatibilities and the like.
I would think it better to maintain consistency with other parts of ODF,
specifically the underline and strikethrough attributes. Also, XML is
by its nature extensible, so I don't think there is any need to worry
about being able to extend these attributes at a later date.

> 2.) Should there be an attribute, where the overline should be 
> positioned on the vertical axis?
> Consider the following text: "AbcdEFg" and "aaaaa"
> Should the overline be placed above the tallest letter in the first 
> example? And in the second one? What IF different letters have different 
> font-sizes (and different font-metrics, making various letters appear 
> differently tall)?
In the applications I am familiar with, an overline spanning multiple
characters would be expected to be continuous (i.e. not follow the
individual character heights), Do you have an example of use where this
is not the case?

> 3.) (this deals more with individual characters): How much of the width 
> of a character should the overline span?
> The whole width? Settable to less than that? What about fonts that have 
> a fixed width, and therefore various letters may have some space around 
> the graphical character?
I can see that it would be a nice if the application that renders the
text adjust an overline of a single character to exactly match the
rendered character width. But does this need to be something that is
specified in the saved document? Surely this can just be handled

Best regards,


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