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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Support for overlined text in ODF

Hi Martin,

> Hi Leonard,
> Leonard Mada wrote:
> > 2.) Should there be an attribute, where the overline should be 
> > positioned on the vertical axis?
> > 
> > Consider the following text: "AbcdEFg" and "aaaaa"
> > Should the overline be placed above the tallest letter in the first 
> > example? And in the second one? What IF different letters have different
> > font-sizes (and different font-metrics, making various letters appear 
> > differently tall)?
> > 
> In the applications I am familiar with, an overline spanning multiple
> characters would be expected to be continuous (i.e. not follow the
> individual character heights), Do you have an example of use where this
> is not the case?

I expect it too to be continuous, but where on the vertical axis would you position it?

There are a number of pertinent examples:
a.) "aaa" or "EXAMPLE" - only letters that are equally tall
b.) "signal" or "input": especially 'b, d, f, h, i, j, k, ...)
    depending also on the font used, these may look quite different

  b1.) Should the overline pass through the letter, IF only one / a small number of lower case letters is present?
    e.g. "input": should the overline pass through the "i"-dot? How about "Signal", using a font where "S" is definitely taller than the rest?

Unlike *underline*, there is NO baeline. Different font-sizes will produce differently tall characters as well.

What I wish to point out is, that we should first define what the baseline for overline is. This baseline may NOT be always suited, so a parameter to set an offset might be warranted.

> > 3.) (this deals more with individual characters): How much of the width 
> > of a character should the overline span?
> > 
> > The whole width? Settable to less than that? What about fonts that have 
> > a fixed width, and therefore various letters may have some space around 
> > the graphical character?
> > 
> I can see that it would be a nice if the application that renders the
> text adjust an overline of a single character to exactly match the
> rendered character width. But does this need to be something that is
> specified in the saved document? Surely this can just be handled
> automatically.

Well, I hope that it gets handled automatically. Especially fixed-font-width cases like: "i", "ii", "iii" are not trivial.

Kind regards,

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