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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Support for overlined text in ODF

Martin Whitaker wrote:
> Basing the overline position on typographical rules seems to me to be
> the correct approach. I'm not a typographic expert, so can't contribute
> an authoritive opinion. For what it's worth, though, OOo already contains
> code for rendering overlines (used instead of underlines when certain
> CJK fonts are selected). This code uses the "internal ascent" font metric
> (if available) and positions the overline at 50% of the internal ascent.
> If the internal ascent metric is not available, it estimates a value,
> based on the font height. This gives reasonable results with the fonts
> I have tried.
Oops, got my terminology mixed up. For "internal ascent" read "internal
leading" and for "font height" read "font ascent". Sorry for any


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