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Subject: Re: [office-comment] ODF and Intelligence Community Information SecurityMarkings


robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:
>> The best I could come up with is:
>> http://www.gwg.nga.mil/documents/NSG_Geo_Core_MD_Profile.doc
> Thanks, that must be it.  It appears to be a vocabulary for annotating a 
> document with security classifications.  Or at least that's what hits me 
> at a first glance.  If we look around we'll find hundreds of vocabularies 
> like this, for various specializations -- medical, financial, scientific, 
> etc., oriented with every industry. [...]

Well, the situation is likely more complex.

An interestingcollection of metadata-information can be found at:

I am rather too unfamiliar with metadata and xml, so I'll leave it to 
the experts to judge the information.

What did strike me though, is that when we speak of security - or more 
broadly about content management - there are a set of elements that need 
to be addressed. To quote:
> UCore is a standard approach for representing a few elements of 
> information that are common to many systems in the DoD and IC. The 
> initial release of UCore covers the geospatial elements of "where" 
> plus an absolute time and time period for "when." In addition, the 
> UCore includes a consistent standard for security markings. In future 
> spirals, UCore may include a small number of other elements such as 
> "what" and "who."

So, the basic question is: can ODF represent/store the "where", "when", 
"what", "who" in a standardised format?



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