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Subject: Re: [office-comment] ODF 1.2 and XAdES

Hello Bart,

I have used a Translation Tool in the browser that I am using and this reads in English/Brazilian Portuguese as follows:

Public Consultations

O Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia da Informação (ITI) promove consultas públicas para receber críticas e sugestões aos Manuais de Condutas Técnicas. The National Institute of Information Technology (ITI) promotes public consultations to receive criticism and suggestions to the Technical Manual of Conduct. Os manuais tratam dos requisitos técnicos necessários para homologação dos dispositivos criptográficos usados no âmbito da Infra-Estrutura de Chaves Públicas Brasileira (ICP-Brasil). The manuals deal with the technical requirements for approval of cryptographic devices used within the Infrastructure Public Key Brazilian (ICP-Brazil).

Abaixo, encontram-se arquivos de consultas públicas realizadas pelo ITI. Below, are archives of public consultations by the ITI.

Consulta Pública 01/2008 - Criação de documentos regulamentando a geração e verificação de assinaturas digitais no âmbito da Infraestrutura de Chaves Públicas Brasileira Public Consultation 01/2008 - Creation of documents regulating the generation and verification of digital signatures within the Brazilian Public Key Infrastructure

Consulta Pública 02/2007 - Homologação de Bibliotecas Criptográficas e Provedores de Serviços Criptográficos - ENCERRADA Public Consultation 02/2007 - Approval of Libraries Criptográficas and Cryptographic Service Providers - CLOSED

Consulta Pública 01/2007 - Homologação de de Módulos de Segurança Criptográficos (MSC) - ENCERRADA Public Consultation 01/2007 - Approval of the Security Cryptographic Modules (MSC) - CLOSED

I hope this will/can be of help to you.

Kindest regards.

Sheldon A. Britton
Orion Resources International
New York, NY

Hanssens Bart wrote:
0D0BBAD62239F044A27D2F241C407C740F5FC4A3@MAILCL.yourict.net" type="cite">
Robert Weir wrote: 

Good question.  I've also heard of a government-mandated digital signature
standard in Brazil.

http://www.iti.gov.br/twiki/bin/view/ITI/ConsultaPublica (seems to be based
upon XAdES + country-specific items, but I'm merely guessing because I don't
understand Portuguese ...)

Maybe we should consult the OASIS DSS TC team ?

Best regards,



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