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Subject: Re: [office-comment] 1.2 para 3.1.7

2008/7/2 Patrick Durusau <patrick@durusau.net>:
> Dave,
> Dave Pawson wrote:
>> The <dc:creator> element specifies the name of the person who last
>> modified the document. The name of this element was chosen for
>> compatibility with the Dublin Core, but this definition of "creator"
>> used here differs from Dublin Core, which defines creator as "An
>> entity primarily responsible for making the content of the resource."
>> If the semantics are different from dublin core please use a different
>> element name.
>> There is no point in diluting DC semantics.

> Is this a principle you would suggest being applied to all the "foreign"
> elements/attributes in ODF 1.2?

Depends on your definition of foreign?
The 1.5 para definition (odf 1.1)?

If so, no.

I'm recommending that if you use dublin core,
use dublin core semantics, as they describe.

> The reason I ask is that if you review the comments I have made on the
> latest draft for the attributes, you will find that we depart from standards
> where we use their attributes more than now and again.

I believe that should be deprecated.

> My personal preference is for use/citation without modification but we are
> hardly writing on a clean slate with ODF 1.2 and so there may be
> modifications that we simply acknowledge as going to persist over time or
> that we plan to change in some future release.

I believe this to be wrong.
Previous bad practice is no reason to continue it.


Dave Pawson

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