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Subject: odf 1.1 para 4.1.3. Mismatch, spec to schema

A text:style-name attribute references a paragraph style, while a
text:cond-style-name attribute references a conditional-style, that
is, a style that contains conditions and maps to other styles (see
section 14.1.1). If a conditional style is applied to a paragraph, the
text:style-name attribute contains the name of the style that was the
result of the conditional style evaluation, while the conditional
style name itself is the value of the text:cond-style-name  attribute.
This XML structure simplifies [XSLT] transformations because XSLT only
has to acknowledge the conditional style if the formatting attributes
are relevant. The referenced style can be a common style or an
automatic style.

1. Assuming this to be a requirement (no 'shall' or 'must' present).
2. Rationale does not belong in normative text. (This XML structure
simplifies  .....)
3. For this to work, the presence of text:cond-style-name should
mandate the presence of text:style-name. The schema does not require
as a co-occurrence constraint.

Note it also depends on the prior paragraph, hence is not stand-alone.


Dave Pawson

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