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Subject: Re: [office-comment] ODFF: PRICE function

Hi David,

On Tuesday, 2008-08-12 21:46:08 +0100, David King wrote:

> Rather than submitting a list every so often, I'll make further 
> suggestions in individual emails, hoping that will help to get 
> them onto an action list.

Overall it's easier to follow-up on single topics and keep an overview
what already was answered/tackled, thanks.

> "see also PRICEDIS" 
> should be PRICEDISC (typo)

Already corrected in 20080618.

> "AnnualYield: the annual yield of the security"
> In my view this is too simplistic a description (even 
> misleading), and should reflect the compounding frequency (which 
> is not necessarily annual). I can help with the derivations of 
> formulae to give a theoretical basis if necessary.

Most appreciated would be a submission of definitions we could copy over
to the spec almost "as is", hint hint ;-)


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