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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Fw: [members] Public Review of OpenDocument v1.0Errata - 15 day review

> Dear Me. Robert Weir,
> > You submitted a new comment even today.  Obviously, until you finish 
> > review, we cannot address all of your comments.  We must pick a 
> > date and send an available set of errata through the process.  We can 
> > repeat that periodically to include new batches of comments.
> I did submit a comment yesterday, but I also submitted comments in 
> January, April, March, June, July and August.  When was the cut-off 
> date?  Last year?  When does the TC take periodical actions?  Every 
> two year?

OASIS Approved Errata may be issued every 6 months.  Since we are issuing 
one now, the next opportunity will be in mid February 2009.  The Approved 
Errata process in OASIS did not exist when many of your earlier comments 
were submitted.

Our workflow works like this:

1) Every few weeks I go through the comment list and add any new comments 
to a spreadsheet: Public Comment Registry

2) When we have the opportunity on ODF TC calls, which seems to be around 
once per month, we review the items in the Public Comment Registry, in 
chronological order.

3) We categorize the comment as a defect report versus a new feature 
proposal, and determine what versions of ODF the comment is applicable to. 
 In many cases, we see a defect report against ODF 1.0 that is already 
fixed in ODF 1.1.

4) The intent is that all reported defects will be fixed in the ODF 1.2 
text.  However we will have an opportunity, in 6 months, to issue another 
Approved Errata document for ODF 1.0.  We will make a determination at 
that time as to the contents of that document.  You are welcome to 
participate in that process, as I noted before.

> > I can assure you that we have all of your comments as sent to this 
> > and as recorded in our Public Comments Registry.  Creating a defect 
> > with redundant material, as you suggest, will merely cause clerical 
> > which will slow, not hasten the processing of your comments.   I want 
> > ensure a speedy resolution to all of your reported typographical 
errors as 
> > much as you do.  The way to do that is continue sending your comments 
> > this public comment list.
> I will try to make Japan submit another defect report.  Let JTC1 and
> SC34 judge whether or not the maintenance of ODF 1.0 has been acceptable 

> and decide how ODF 1.2 should be maintained, should it become an ISO/IEC 

> standard.

You may want to check with the SC34 Secretariat.  She was already 
consulted about the proper method to submit defects to the ODF TC in a 
note last May.  She can confirm to you that submission to the public 
comment list is the agreed upon mechanism.



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