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Subject: ODFF: RRI function

1. "Summary: Returns the interest rate resulting from the profit 
(return) of an investment"

That's more or less copied from Calc Help, and doesn't really 
illuminate. How about:
"Returns an equivalent interest rate when an investment increases in 

2. Typo: N and P are both used for number of periods - need one or the 

3. "N is NOT truncated to an integer" - that's OK, but it might be wise 
to note that for fractional N the result is slightly inaccurate, as a 
partial period does not partially compound.

4. I wonder if this function should really be included in ODFF? Calc has 
it, but Excel does not. It's a simple formula calculation, and you need 
to understand the formula to use it anyway.


PS I'm almost through looking at functions (as part of another task), so 
this may be the last of these notes. Hope they are useful.

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