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Subject: ODFF: XIRR

The last function I am reviewing...

1. "The first cash-flow amount is a negative number that represents the 

Not true - it might be a loan (positive). Better to say something like 
"the first given cash flow has the earliest date".

2. "The later cash flows are discounted based on the annual discount 
rate and the timing of the flow."

Discount rate here is the same as the rate returned by XIRR - it would 
be better not to introduce different terminology.

3. "The range of Values and Dates must be the same size."

Do they need to be the same shape? (I actually don't know...)

4. Needs to say something about how it is the an iteration and what 
equation it uses (PVs sum to zero). The Calc wiki help pages may oblige 

5. Needs to set realistic error limits, as it is an iteration.


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