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Subject: Re: [office-comment] ODFF: list of suggestions

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Hi David,

On Sunday, 2008-12-21 21:49:24 +0000, David King wrote:

> > I think it is common understanding that the notation km2 ist to be read
> > as (km)**2 and not k(m**2), isn't it?
> Well, it really wasn't *crystal* clear to me... It
> might have been this passage:
> "Applications claiming to support this function shall
> permit the following unit decimal prefixes to be
> prepended to any unit symbol marked with =93*=94 in the
> unit table cell above. Adding a unit prefix indicates
> multiplication by the given prefix value."
> which might suggest that the unit symbol is
> multiplied. How about:
> "Adding a unit prefix indicates multiplication of the
> (scalar) unit by the given prefix value; for example
> km indicates kilometres, and  km2 or km^2 indicate
> square kilometres."

Fine, done for draft11.


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