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Subject: RE: [office-comment] MathML is now "foreign" / illogical conformance (ODF 1.2)

Jesper hi 

> I don't agree with your interpretation of the conformance clauses in 
> ODF 1.2 and thereby not with your conclusion.

I wrote "one interpretation of this ..." rather than stating it as a
conclusion. I think, it is possible to reach different conclusions here
by reading different parts of the conformance clauses as they relate to

However, I agree that for "subdocuments" the wording seems less
confusing - the clause has been written in an effort to include MathML,
but it misses all cases as you note.

> Only thing left is that an ODF document containing MathML will not be 
> entitled to the categorisation of "a Conforming OpenDocument document"
> but only the (a bit less prestiguous) "a Conforming OpenDocument 
> extended document". I personally consider this kind of weird,


> and I would highly recommend ODF TC to include the MathML schema in 
> ODF 1.2 to avoid this particular issue.


- Alex.

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