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Subject: Re: [office-comment] MathML is now "foreign" / illogical conformance (ODF1.2)

"Alex Brown" <alexb@griffinbrown.co.uk> wrote on 02/19/2009 04:13:44 AM:

> 1.4.5 states:
> "OpenDocument extended documents may contain elements and attributes not
> specified within the OpenDocument schema. Such elements and attributes
> are called foreign elements and attributes."
> Since the MathML elements and attributes are not "specified within the
> OpenDocument schema" they are - by definition - foreign. One
> interpretation of this is that no "conforming OpenDocument Document"
> (per can contain mathematics.
> The ODF schema (all versions) allows *any* markup (foreign or native)
> for its "mathMarkup" pattern. This is a defect. The schema needs to be
> corrected to include a correct MathML grammar, irrespective of whether
> MathML is deemed to be "foreign" or not.

I thought MathML was only specified via a DTD.  Is there an official RNG 
schema for them?  Or are you suggesting we just use NVDL?  I think Michael 
looked into that, but nothing was proposed for ODF 1.2.

In any case, there is a difference between what the schema allows and what 
the standard allows.  It is perfectly legitimate for the schema to specify 
something as being an positive integer and then having the text of the 
standard further restrict it to a prime number. They can't contradict each 
other, but the specification can define additional constraints that are 
not easily expressed by the schema definition language itself.


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