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Subject: Document structure (ODF 1.2 CD01)

Dear all,

2.1 has:

The OpenDocument format represents documents using XML elements and
their attributes.

The general form of a document consists of a document prelude, which
contains form data, change tracking information, and variable
declarations; content, which contains the elements composing the main
content of the document; and, a document epilogue, which may contain
elements that implement enhanced table features.

Note: The document prelude and epilogue while regulating the content and
order of elements in a document instance, are RELAX-NG constructs only,
not named elements. They are not described in this standard.

* The opening sentence is a (slightly less accurate) restatement of
1.1's "The Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument)
format defines an XML file format for office applications". These are
both contradicted by the next section here which goes on to explain
document are NOT necessarily XML documents (but may be packages). These
contradictions should be eliminated.

* Para two introduces the novel terms "document prelude", "content" and
"document epilogue" as things which partition documents. These terms are
not formally defined here and not used later in the specification. If
mentioned, these terms should be formally defined and the rest of the
specification re-cast to use them. In general, the ODF specification has
a haphazard approach to terms and definitions which might be brought
under control with a formal terms & definitions section.

* We have been told that the "document prelude" and "document epilogue"
are parts of an XML document, yet here we are told they "are RELAX-NG
constructs only, not named elements". This in unintelligible as is, and
needs expansion/clarification.

* We learn that these features (which were said above to contain "form
data, change tracking information, and variable declarations") are not
described in this specification. If necessary for the implementation of
ODF these features must be described by the spec.

- Alex.

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