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Subject: RE: [office-comment] Java / JDBC (ODF all versions)

> Rick hi
>> I don't know whether generalization is necessarily the right answer.
>> The
>> parameters that apply to a connection to JDBC cannot just be used to
>> switch to ODBC or whatever, for the obvious reason that you have to
>> re-write the database address and other details.
> Right - but one could have (say) a set of generic named properties -
> different connection technologies would need to have different sets of
> name/value pairs. And of course, that's the kind of thing a Schematron
> schema would be good at testing :-)

But it is a kind of fake interopability, isn't it: a kind of nominalism?

It could give the comfort of looking neutral, without actually being
neutral at all, because the incompatible semantics would be shoved off
into the values. We want to expose non-interoperable dependencies, not
hide them away, even though it may offend our desire for abstraction.

Contrast an optional application setting, where it is reasonable design
decision to use attribute values and a generic element (a la ODF, and not
saying that OOXML's specific elements are not also a reasonable design

Rick Jelliffe

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