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Subject: style:text-combine attribute (ODF all versions)

Dear all,


The style:text-combine attribute specifies whether to combine characters
so that they are displayed within two lines.
The value of this attribute can be letters or lines or none.

If the value of the attribute is letters, up to 5 characters are
combined within two lines. Any additional character is displayed as
normal text.

If the value is lines, all characters with this attribute value that
immediately follow each other are displayed within two lines of
approximately the same length. There can be a line break between any two
characters to meet this constraint.

* what on earth does "within two lines" mean? Does "ab" become "|ab|" or
something? I am supposed to fire up an existing application to find out?

* as the editorial note suggests, "letters" is an unacceptable name for
the attribute here

* what are "characters [...] that immediately follow each other"?

* how is a application judged on whether its line are sufficiently
"approximate" (and so, by this, conformant)?

- Alex.

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