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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Separating OpenFormula from (the rest of) ODF 1.2

On Friday 15 May 2009 09:14:28 pm marbux wrote:
> However, if you have missed that there are international legal
> standards establishing minimum requirements for the preparation of
> technical standards, you are blinding yourself to the binding and
> legally enforceable consensus of more than 100 national and regional
> governments on this planet.
I agree. However your view is that "the draft standard" means a single entity. 
In the absence of case law, that is an arguable interpretation, and subject to 
all manner of legal opinions depending on what one wished to believe, and how 
much one is willing to pay the esteemed legal adviser.

> Law coerces but it also is an enormous social lubricant, a major force
> in helping us avoid resolution of disputes with violence. It also aids
> us in avoiding disputes and creates efficiencies if we pay it heed.
> E.g., the ODF TC need not waste time trying to decide whether to issue
> a complete Public Review Draft. A few minutes of legal research
> establishes that there is no option here other than to disobey the law
> (not to mention OASIS TC policy).
I think you've reached the ridiculous point. I scarcely think that providing a 
draft standard in two parts is likely to result in violence...

Nice try though :-)


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