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Subject: Error in line 14293 in Relax-NG Schema for ODF 1.2

Dear committee,

I've discovered an error in all RNG schemas from ODF v1.0 to the latest 
v.1.2 (Committee Draft 03, 30 July 2009).
The issue affects number styles. They have a style:name attribute. The 
intention was obviously that they also have a style:display-name 
attribute, but in the RNG file that attribute is defined as 
"style-data-style-attlist", which is not referenced from anywhere. Given 
the context above and below the definition should have had the name 
"common-data-style-attlist". In v. 1.2 it occurs on line 14293.

<define name="common-data-style-attlist" combine="interleave">
<attribute name="style:name">
<ref name="styleName"/>
<define name="style-data-style-attlist" combine="interleave">
<attribute name="style:display-name">
<ref name="string"/>

Best regards,

Søren Roug
European Environment Agency

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