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Subject: Re: Ignored comment for ODF

Hi OpenDocument Editors,

I'm forwarding a feature suggestion and follow-up question from Joachim M.
Perhaps you can add this to the list of items under consideration for Version 1.4?

Note that this also refers to an earlier comment (submitted about a year ago).

Best regards,

On Mon, Dec 7, 2020 at 7:32 AM Joachim M. <joachim_m@gmx.de> wrote:
Dear Mr. Paul Knight,

Iâm sorry to contact you directlyâ Unfortunately there is no forum, where things can be discussed and I donât know, to whom I can write my concern.

I was busy a long time, so I could not take part on the discussions for the reviews for OpenDocument v1.3. In October 2019 I sent a mail on the mailing list with a feature request for the new version 1.3. You can find it still in the archive:Âhttps://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office-comment/201910/msg00000.html

Is there any reason, why no one answered to my mail? Actually this missing feature is causing some pain for my everydays work, so it would have been perfect, if this was considered for v1.3. Maybe in a future version?

One other thing: I downloaded theÂOpenDocument-v1.3-csd03-part3-schema-DIFF.pdf out of your last mail from Sept. 19th. Itâs unfortunately very hard to find out, what changes are made. Is there any other document with a clean overview over the changes compared to v1.2? The reason is, that Iâm actually trying to write an OpenDocument Parser in Swift and of course I would then also support v1.3.



Paul Knight

Document Process


+1 781-883-1783

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