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Subject: Other information sources about spreadsheets

Other data about spreadsheet applications can be found here at the
old OpenFormula proejct web site:

Obviously, every implementation's documentation (help and manuals) has information
about their particular implementation.  Beyond that, for information on Excel,
I'd particularly recommend Simon's "Excel 2000 in a Nutshell" and Walkenbach's
"Excel 2003 Formulas".  For information on OpenOffice.org,
their on-line manuals are helpful:
I'm sure there are more sources too.

Note: When using the Lotus 1-2-3 docs, be aware that in a few cases it
has a different function name or a different parameter order than
most of its intellectual descendents, so watch out for that.
We pretty much eliminate that risk via test cases, thankfully.

--- David A. Wheeler

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