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Subject: Re: [office-formula] COUNTIFS function proposal

Rob Weir:
> I agree that we should be including all of the functions from MSO 2007.

We do not include the CUBE functions of MSO 2007.
At the time, it wasn't clear if anyone would use them,
and obviously past spreadsheets don't use them.
Is anyone willing to do the work to specify them?
(Do NOT depend on the Ecma spec, which is often wrong;
look to see what Excel actually _does_ through its documentation
and experimentation.)

Also, are there any other functions in MSO 2007 that we should add?
Anyone willing to crosswalk MSO 2007 and/or the Ecma spec to list
what we don't include?

Note: We do NOT need to add _every_ function in MSO 2007;
if they're rarely used, and not important for interoperability, then
when they ARE used they can always be exchanged as:
So we _can_ describe ANY spreadsheet, at least for re-reading back
in.  Obviously, that isn't as good for exchange, so if it's important
we DO need to include it in the spec.

However, I really want to get a version wrapped up; we could easily
end up adding functions through eternity, and never releasing a version :-).

--- David A. Wheeler

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