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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Calculation Settings

Here's what I'm thinking:

We have an abstract machine that does operations on dates.  Dates, when 
stored, are stored as ISO 8601 strings.  We also define explicit and 
implicit ways of converting numeric data into dates.  The implict coercion 
method has one or more parameters, one of which is the date basis.

I think we want to avoid talking about doing date calculations on numeric 
data.  Someone should be able to implement OpenFormula on a library that 
does date arithmetic using any date representation, whether integer serial 
numbers, floating points, Y/M/D/H/M/S records, or whatever.  I don't think 
we should care.  What we really need to define is the type conversion. 

If we state it along those lines (conceptually -- obviously the text would 
need to be more fully articulated) would that do the job?


"Andreas J. Guelzow" <aguelzow@math.concordia.ab.ca> wrote on 05/15/2009 
06:04:50 PM:

> I think what one really should want is a specification of the serial
> number matching 1904-1-1 and a statement how days and changes in serial
> numbers are related.

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