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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Proposal for regularly scheduled meetings

 > > As a starting point, I propose that we alternate Wednesdays with the
 > > OIC coordination call.  Specifically that we meet bi-weekly, starting
 > > on 5-Aug, 1400 GMT (7am PDT, 10am EDT, 4pm CEST, 10pm China).

I could do that.

 > So I would greatly prefer to alternate with the ODF Adoption TC on

That's 10am U.S. Eastern time, yes?  I could do that too.

Andreas would strongly prefer Tuesdays (at least when school starts), so 
unless there's objections, let's do that.  Eric, would alternate 
Tuesdays would work for you?  Can everyone else do that?

It sounds like Robert Weir can easily host us, so let's take advantage 
of that (whichever time it is).

Perhaps we can speed up with a few phone calls & then accelerate more 
work off-line.  I have no need for more meetings in my life :-), but if 
they get things going, then great.

--- David A. Wheeler

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