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Subject: Re: [office-formula] office-2227: Proposed Resolution

Hi Eric,

On Monday, 2010-01-18 23:18:21 +0000, Eric Patterson wrote:

> I've merged my proposed changes with Eike's from Office-1075.

Great, thanks.

> I've
> inserted a math formula object using Eike's formula from Office-1075
> (XNPV = sum from{i=1} to{N} {{Values_i} over { left( 1 + Rate right)
> ^ {{Dates_i - Dates_1} over 365}}}), but the minus sign between
> Dates_i and Dates_1 doesn't seem to appear in the math formula object.

No problem here. Maybe depends on the font available on the system? Or
the zoom level? Or the application/version? What do you use?

Anyone else having a problem seeing the minus sign?


Automatic string conversions considered dangerous. They are the GOTO statements
of spreadsheets.  --Robert Weir on the OpenDocument formula subcommittee's list.

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