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Subject: Summary 2010-09-28 of OpenFormula meeting

Summary 2010-09-28 of OpenFormula meeting

(As always, please reply-all with corrections.)

[David Wheeler didn't take attendance, so this list is uncertain.
However, I believe the following were present]:
David A. Wheeler
Andreas G.
Eric Patterson
Patrick D.
Rob Weir
Eike Rathke
Dennis Hamilton

We WILL meet next Tuesday.

Note: For our current status, see the dashboard:


Unfortunately, the dashboard is less useful (esp. NEEDS-DISCUSSION) due to JIRA changes.

* OFFICE-2220

NPV - a parameter should be optional.

Eike proposes to leave it the same.
(Broken out from 916).

Eric: In Excel, the payment argument is not listed as an optional argument.
Eike: What happens then?
Wheeler: It's not optional in current implementations, so let's leave it as required.

* OFFICE-2893

Rob: Look at XML rewriting rules. "I wonder whether we can settle for the xsd:float definition from W3C Schema Datatypes."

Dennis: Lots of tables use space to separate digits.

* OFFICE-3432 (IRI)

Wheeler: Looks good, let's accept it.

* OFFICE-2258 (French accounting system)

Rob: Andreas did some research, inc. French wikipedia.

The parameters seem to change by French law occasionally!!

Rob: We could use the 2008 parameters (probably the most current).

Andreas: It seems to have to do when assets are purchased.

(Excel, OOo, Gnumeric all have this function.)

Rob: We could take a prominent implementation and mimic it.
We could ask the French to provide us with a definition.
Do the Canadians use this?

Patrick: Is this like tax credits, where it has a wide range of

Andreas: Yes.  For short period, smaller numbers were used to
encourage investment.  Wikipedia says this changes by law,
don't know if that's true.

Wheeler: If this varies by law, then we shouldn't include it.

Eric: We've never gotten any requests to change the function
at Microsoft.

Rob: Can you ask the Excel team to find out what its definition is?

Eric: Yes, I'll see what I can find.  I think it's been unchanged
for many years.


Rob: There are various options.  The least bad is document what's done.

* OFFICE-3446 (ranges - new)

Dennis will pick up to define.

We will meet next week.

--- David A. Wheeler 

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