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Subject: extensibility example

I also want to quickly highlight another point in the example archive, 
and that is the requirement for extension.

Here's the example fragment, where I understand the dc, dcq, and vcard 
namespaced stuff as default modules, and the foo as totally arbitrary 
(in the sense that you will not find the "foo" namespace in the 

     <!-- use dc:type for typing, with controlled URI list -->
     <dc:type rdf:resource="http://purl.org/net/biblio#Article"/>
     <dc:title>Some Title</dc:title>
     <!-- arbitrary "simple extension content -->
     <foo:simple>X, Y, X</foo:simple>
     <!-- arbitrary "rich" extension content -->
         <dc:creator>Jane Smith</dc:creator>
         <foo:content>Some random notes.</foo:content>

This is the sort of practical extension needs that I could foresee for 
different bibliographic solutions.

Worth noting that it's modeled in a way that is simply a tighter 
definition of the current extension rules in ODF metadata ("foreign 
namespaced content is allowed", or something like that).


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