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Subject: Re: [office] Question about file names in the package


David Faure wrote:
> I noted that the specification doesn't specify the filenames to be used
> within a package for the various subtypes (document-content, document-styles, document-meta etc.)
> OO uses content.xml, styles.xml, meta.xml etc.
> But does the fact that this isn't in the specification mean that applications reading
> such files should simply read the manifest file, and from there parse any file whose
> media-type is text/xml? I'm afraid this (very flexible) system would make the parsing
> difficult (if the names aren't fixed, we'd have to first open each file and find out
> which one contains which subtype, in order to parse e.g. styles before content).
> What do you think about specifying explicitly that document-content should be 
> saved as content.xml, document-styles should be saved as styles.xml, etc.?

I think we should do so. In fact, I thought we did specify this already, 
and are surprised, that it is missing in the spec.


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