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Subject: Proposal regarding handout master pages

Hi all,

I've noticed that the <draw:handout-master> (specified in section 9.1.1) 
element currently has no "style:page-layout-name" attribute as it is the 
case for the <style:master-page> element (specified in section 13.4).

The <draw:handout-master> element specifies a special master page that 
is used for the handout version of a presentation. The 
"style:page-elayout-name" attribute is required to specify the physical 
page size of the handout pages, their margins, etc. I therefor propose 
to add a "style:page-layout-name" attribute to the <draw:handout-master> 
element that has the same semantics as the <style:master-page> element.

In fact, I think it is an error that the attribute is missing, so I 
suggest that we add it to the 1.0 specification.

Best regards


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