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Subject: Re: [office] News from IDA, ISO and TC roadmap

Hi all,

Michael Brauer wrote:

> The last TC meeting where we discuss proposals for the *next* 
> committee draft could be the 27th of September. The last day to post 
> proposals to the mailing list would be the 24th of September.

I'd like to ask for a deadline extension for two specific proposals we'd 
like to get in, but where we won't quite make the deadline. Both 
proposals are graphics related:

One, we'd like to propose shapes for media content (video, audio, 
streaming of same). This is currently somewhat covered by embedding 
binary objects, but there the content respectively plugin-IDs are 
platform or application specific. For the common use case of video/audio 
content, the media shapes would improve on this by clearly labeling 
media content as such, in an platform/application independent manner.

The other, somewhat more complex proposal would be custom shapes. These 
are shapes with variables, so that the user can easily modify the shape 
in a certains ways. This mainly adds opportunities for authoring tools, 
in that the actual graphics can already be represented in the current 
format, but with paramterised shapes a user can easily modify such a 
shape (beyond just scaling it).


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